Complaints Caused by too much Uric Acid in the Body

Uric Acid can be responsible for different complaints such as gout, kidney stones, muscle pain and articular pain.

Uric Acid can lower the oxygen level in the muscles drastically.

The production of Uric Acid in our body is individually different. There is even a genetic component.

Uric Acids is formed when body cells must be processed. This process forms purines which are substances released by degradation of cells (metabolic breakdown) or from purine containing food.

The quantity of Uric Acid in the body can be tested by strips in the 24/Hour collected urine because the Uric Acid leaves the body through the kidneys and urine. During the 24/Hour collection of urine, the patients shouldn’t drink alcohol because this will influence the elimination process through the kidneys. Also medication can influence the test result (diuretics, vitamin C, aspirin, niacin…).

High concentrations of Uric Acid in the blood can lead to Uric Acid crystals. These crystals accumulate in the joints and their surrounding tissues. Gout is the consequence.

If not treated properly, also tophi can appear (hard nodules around the joints).

The normal values of Uric Acid in the urine are:

• 250-750 milligram (mg) per 24-Hour urine sample.

• 1.5-4.4 millimol (mmol) per 24-Hour urine sample.

In women, this level is mostly a little bit lower.

High values of Uric Acid can be caused by:

• Individual differences.

• Kidney disease.

• Raised cell division through cancer.

• Cancer treatment.

• Diseases such as pre-eclampsia, liver cirrhosis, obesity, psoriasis, hypothyroidism, under feeding, led-poisoning.

An accumulation of purine in the body is also often caused by the wrong nutrition.

Purine (Latin purum (acidum) uricum, “pure Uric Acid”) is a heterocyclic connection with the chemical formula C5H4N4. This is the basis for the group of derivates called purine.

Nutrients with lots of purine:

• Meat contains lots of purine. Organ meat and bacon even the most.

• Seafood and shellfish also contain lots of purine (lobster, crab, shrimps).

• Fat fish contains purine.

• Vegetables such as mushrooms, beans, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, spinage…(of course less than meat).

• Yeast contains lots of purine (beer) and red wine.

• Some fruits such as dades or figues.

When the level of Uric Acid in the blood is too high, we advise:

• Avoid all forms of alcohol (this would diminish the excretion of Uric Acid). Avoid fructose and other sugars because this increases the production of purines.

• Avoid white flower products, cola, coffee and black thee.

Nutrients that we advise are:

• Fresh vegetables.

• Fresh fruits especially cherries and strawberries.

• Full grains (except oat and buckwheat).

• Vegetable proteins.

• Acidic milk products.

• Cold pressed vegetable oils.

This diet differs little from what is generally recommended for people, so risks are not involved.