Techniques and treatment goals.

Patients with complaints such as for instance low back pain or neckpain are often treated with this or that technique, with this or that treatment protocol.

Osteopaths however first determine the treatment goal(s) before starting using techniques.

This goal or these goals are not:

• Healing the patient.

• Taking away the pain.

• Manipulating or mobilising a joint or lesion.

Some examples of treatment goals in osteopathy are:

• Reducing the compression in a joint to take away the local cause of the joint inflammation. This can be done with a specific manipulation or mobilisation.

• Stretching retracted tissues that inhibit the joint to move around the normal physiological axes.

• Making the passage-opening for a nerve larger to get the nerve move more freely.

“First determine the treatment goals and use techniques to reach these goal”

Luc Peeters, MSc.Ost.