The uncoarterioradicular Junction and Neurovegetative Symptoms.

There is an intense connection between:

• The uncovertebral joint.

• The vertebral artery.

• The nerve root.

The artery lies between the uncinate process and the nerve root.

The nerve root lies behind the artery and just anterior to the facet joint.

Degenerative changes leading to osseous, cartilaginous or capsular hypertrophy may result in compression of artery or nerve root.

The uncovertebral joint is the main threat to the vertebral artery.

The facet joint is the main threat to the nerve root.

Movements such as rotation, combined with either extension or flexion, also influence these structures.

Let’s not forget that the sinuvertebral nerves capture cervical dysfunction (inflammation) and they send their information through the peripheric nervous system and the dorsal horn to the brain.

Beside that they also send their information towards the sympathetic system and for this reason cervical complaints are often associated with neurovegetative symptoms.