A simple kidney cyst is a round closed pocket that is usually filled with fluid.

One or more may form within the kidneys.

Simple cysts are the most common type of kidney cyst. They are not the same thing as polycystic kidney disease, which is a progressive disease that can lead to kidney failure.

Simple kidney cysts most often do not cause harm.

The cause of simple kidney cysts is not clear, but they do not appear to be inherited.

Being male and age are risk factors.

Almost half of all people age 50 or older have one or more simple cysts in the kidneys.

The size of these cysts may also increase with age and may double over 10 years.

These cysts usually don’t give complaints. They are mostly found in routine examinations.

In rare cases they can give symptoms such as pain in the upper part of the abdomen or back (if they are large, if they bleed or become infected).

There is an unclear relation with high blood pressure.

Treatment is mostly not necessary; in rare cases punction or removal is performed.

For osteopaths: be careful and don’t compress the kidney region too hard, especially not in patients above 50.