Master of Science in Osteopathy – Diploma in Osteopathy

It is great to have a Diploma in Osteopathy (DO), graduates may be proud of that achievement!

However, when this DO is presented to decision makers (governments, ministries of education…) they are unable to determine the quality of the DO because of lack of official references.

Since the introduction of the Bologna Process (1999) where the aim was to have unified qualifications throughout the educational landscape in Europe; degrees and diplomas can be compared in quality as long as we speak about bachelor, master or PhD degrees.

This means that the degree Master of Science in Osteopathy (MSc.Ost.) offers the patients a guarantee that the osteopath MSc.Ost. is highly and controlled qualified.

All teachers at the IAO have their MSc.Ost. degree. This guarantees scientifically based osteopathy education at the IAO.

Luc Peeters, MSc.Ost.